Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Chance Ecounter???

Yesterday I ran into David Archuleta at a little bookstore just north of here. We had an intimate conversation...
that lasted about 10 seconds...
due to the 752 people in line behind me.
I even practiced with my B.I.L.* what I might say.
In rehearsal we were funny and clever-
In person I was ridiculously idiotic.
He smiled- I said nothing.
He asked me "How are you doing today?"
I choked.
I'll post the video when I can watch it without plugging my ears.
Or when I can stop giggling every time I think of it.
A fourty-four year old woman tripped up by an 18 year old kid.
Eat your heart out Billy Joel.

* Brother-in-law (you tried Steve, you tried.)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Halloweeness in no particular order....

Hannah (Supergirl) and her friend Cammy.

Word up it's Wordgirl...(Beth)

Will, the super-awesome Ninja!

Just another shady watch salesman...(Elijah)

Michaela, the "modern devil"

The pumpkin tribute to Buddha...

The gang...

On to Thanksgiving!!!