Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Judie!

 We had a birthday breakfast with Judie this morning. She came all the way from Salt Lake to cook US breakfast on HER birthday! It was delicious and so fun to spend time with her...Happy Birthday Judie, we love you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School Dance Festival..

Hannah and Chastyna in their Bollywood costumes...

Hannah and her great teacher Miss Wright...

Will and friend...(they look like best friends yet I can't remember his name!)

Will and Niko with their awesome surfboards-thus they danced to Surfin' USA!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Notes from a recital...

Michaela performed in a voice recital last night. She was awesome. She may or may not have been a little extra nervous because of a certain someone's presence there...just sayin... (Am I in trouble for that?)

Michaela and her duet partner, Miranda (coordinating outfits- just a coincidence...).

Michaela's wonderful vocal coach Trilby, aka Trebel Clef...
Michaela's duet with Miranda...the video camera is on the blink so this came from the little digital camera. The quality is not very good but it's the best I have got! (My arthritic hands can't hold the camera still either, oh well, enjoy...)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hope FOR America

A couple of weeks ago Hannah participated in an event called "Hope of America." Fifth graders all over Utah County learned about 20 songs individually and then came together on one night and performed them. It was pretty awesome.  Some of the songs were a little cheesy and some were pretty powerful.  I left feeling proud to be American and proud that I lived in a state where patriotism is still honorable.             
God bless America, please.

P.S. Hannah's the one in the white T'shirt.
P.P.S.  Photo by Will...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Beginning of the End.

The last week of school is next week. I have to say every one of us is ready for summer.

Will finished up Spring soccer, takes track after school, and will compete in a track meet next week...
Elijah had a dance competition last weekend,  a band concert this weekend, and has an ongoing soccer season through out the summer.
Beth finished strong in Lacrosse and has begun a summer job at Seven Peaks where she hopes to support her shoe and phone habit.
Michaela continues working her school job just a few weeks in to the summer. She performed in her last A Capella concert last week, and performs in a voice recital next week.
Hannah runs track as well and will also compete next week in the district track meet. She will continue piano lessons  throughout  the summer.
So, as you can see, summer doesn't necessarily mean the end to busyness, we just don't get graded on it.

Now, if the rain would just stop already!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Over....

As a Cub Master, the Pinewood Derby was a little bit stressful...
As a parent, it was a whole lot of fun!
Good job Dad and Will (their car took 5th)!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elijah IS Caliban.

After MONTHS of rehearsals...The Tempest was performed by the P.U.P.s on Saturday night. It was awesome and so was Elijah.This is his third Shakespeare play in as many years.He looks pretty convincing doesn't he? Watch a sampling below...

 Caliban, the evil and deformed slave.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Am A Great Mom.

One of my greatest struggles is feeling like I am doing a good job of mothering these crazy kids that are in my charge. With the constant busyness of our lives, it seems like so many things are slipping through the cracks. I am trying to focus on doing the basics well, but that still leaves alot of things only getting a fraction of the attention that they deserve. Satan tells me the same lies at 45, that he told me at 35, and 25, and 15. That I don't measure up, that I'll never be enough no matter what it is I am doing. In the past, I have fallen for that lie big time. In the present, part of me still hangs on to it..In the temple, I am taught over and over who I am and what my potential is. What Heavenly Father has chosen to reveal in plain and clear language are the amazing blessings He has in store for those who keep their covenants with Him. I believe Him. I know my worth to Him. And yet sometimes, in weaker moments, I doubt that I am as capable as He knows I am. Last week in particular, I was having a really bad week. I felt like I was running on empty- my house was never clean, I was in the car running kids places every spare minute, and I was depleted. One morning I was getting ready for work and I felt like I just couldn't bear another day of being a underachieving mom. I had just a few minutes before I had to leave and so I knelt down to say a few words to Heavenly Father. I told Him that I knew that He thought I was a great mom but I didn't know why. I really, honestly, didn't know why and I needed some help to get through the day. Within minutes, he led me to this quote by a woman I didn't know:

"Being a good mom takes A LOT of work. I am not a perfect Mom, but I am a great Mom because I try. This year I have been late to pretty much everything. Including school. I have at all times nine loads of laundry to be washed, and only a few items hanging in each closet. My downstairs and upstairs are never clean at the same time, and I am in constant fear that I will die and the Relief Society will come and clean my house and know "the truth." We are the only family on the block that have their trash cans out a day after the trash man came. All these things used to bug me and embarrass me and make me feel just horrible, until last month. I read something and I realized that while my days are absolutely exhausting and overwhelming at times, and while I feel like I can't keep up, I am still an incredible Mom because I keep doing it and I'M the one doing it. My perfection comes in my imperfection. I'm doing EXACTLY what I should be doing. Exactly what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing. I don't think he cares so much if my bathrooms are spotless. So much as if I'm taking care of "his" children."

My heart just cracked wide open. This is why I am a great mom, because I just keep trying. My mothering doesn't look like anyone else's, and that is okay. It is me.

I love my own mom. She is a great mom in her own right and I wish I had appreciated her more when I was young. I am so blessed that she is the woman who raised me.

I love my Heavenly Father.  I love that He will sometimes lovingly answer my prayers immediately. I never doubt that He knows me and loves me.

And at the risk of sounding a little arrogant, I know that I am a great mom.

Happy Mothers Day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

God Bless America.

                            Evil has lost its faithful servant.
                                Well done, Navy Seals.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jacob Had a Birthday Party.

It was fun. Judge for yourself.

For real, there is no better age than eight, right?
And what isn't fun about wild and crazy cousins like this?

Even Jake is overwhelmed by all of the excitement!

A moment on the lips...

...forever in the teeth.

J and J...

Lot's of loot...

And no party is complete without a little puppy love!

Happy Birthday Jacob...(technically not till next Sunday but who wants to compete with Mother's Day?)