Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Befferny's Birfday.

Twenty years ago today, Bethany was born. 
I know that I'm old enough to have a twenty year old because 
I also have a twenty-one year old. Seriously. How did that happen?

Just yesterday they were this... 

But now, many, many birthdays have gone by 
and once again, 
for the third year in a row, 
she is not here on her birthday.

When she turned eighteen she was in Washington...

...nineteen in China...

 And today, she is in transit from Rexburg 
for the last time until spring semester. 
We hope to catch a glimpse of her late tonight. 

Happy Twentieth Birthday Bethany.
We LOVE you!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey Gurl Heeeey!

Sorry- I needed to get that out. 
Ever since our last Relief Society Activity speaker opened her remarks with that, 
it has been bouncing around in my head constantly. 
It makes me smile every time.
It's helping me through this mid-December funk I'm in.
Yes, mid-December. 
(It makes me soooo worried for January).  
Because really, who has time for a funk in December? 
Whatever. December has been so lovely, really.
And with the snow that has just been dumped, 
it doesn't get prettier around here.
One of my favorite things we have done this December, is read a really good book together--

It's the story of a man with a tragic past, trying to find relief from his pain, hoping somehow that death will come.  But things begin to change when his life becomes entwined with the life of Jesus-- from his birth to his death and beyond. No matter how you feel about the author, this story is wonderful- and brings Jesus and Santa together in a remarkably beautiful way. 

It's highly recommended by this girl who loves a good story about Jesus. 

So, Merry Christmas, and buckle up for January
It's going to be a fun one!!!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

What Happy People Know.

Last weekend, I cashed in my birthday present from my seestah's and went to Time Out For Women. 
If there was ever a time I needed a "time out" it is now. 
Yay for awesome birthday gifts!

I must say that my favorite part of the weekend was many, many Gentri performances.

Pleeeze don't underestimate my love for Gentri.

In person, they were flawless. 
Did I mention I love them?

Anywho---many other great things happened at TOFW...
One of them was Hank Smith and his happiness list.
He spoke about what to do when your plan of happiness changes.
That's something that I can relate to, yesiree.

Anyways, he gave a list of 10 things that happy people do.

1. Happy people surround themselves with happy people.
Note to self- don't be that person.... 
2. Happy people try to be happy. 
They work at it, they choose it, they fight unhappiness...
3. Happy people spend money on other people.
Yes, apparently money can buy happiness...
4. They have deep "in-person" conversations. 
Save the texting/messaging for your shallow interactions... :)
5. Happy people laugh a lot. A LOT.
6. Happy people use the power of music.
I could do a whole post on this one.
7. Happy people exercise and eat a healthy diet.
Sorry, it's true. You know it is.
8. Happy people take time to go outside.
Driving outside does not count. 
20 minutes of breathing in outside  air.
9. Happy people get enough sleep.
Thus why my years as a mother of newborns are a blur...
10. Happy people meditate. 
Deliberate meditation, no distractions, 10 minutes. 

And there you have it. The secret to a happier you.
You're welcome.  :)

Shabbat Shalom.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Molly.

She is officially 18.
She has also left for home for 6 weeks-
I guess her mom misses her or something :)
We know how that goes.

See you next year, Molly.
Happy, happy holidays.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And When Life Just Gets Too Heavy....

...Watch a Korean Drama

Hannah and I are obsessed.
One of us, a tad more than the other.
It's not the one you think-
Unless you're thinking it's me and
then you would be right.

I have watched this one twice....25 episodes. Eeek.

And I'm in the middle of this one.

I can't explain why I love them-
but I do. 
And I am not ashamed.
 (Okay, maybe just a little because twice is really too much for a 25 episode season, 
even I know that.)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Of Cleaving.

I fasted yesterday.
It has become my new "go-to."
Though I have been fasting once a month since I was 8 years old,
I have never truly tapped into the power of fasting more than monthly.
It has become another lifeline for me.
Sometimes I am embarrassed that I need so many lifelines.
And by lifelines I mean that I am dependent upon them for my survival.
-the temple,
-the Book of Mormon,
-lot's of gut-wrenching prayer.
But my spirit craves more. And the more I feed the craving, the more I need.
It's a beautiful relationship.
I am also keenly aware that it goes both ways.
The less I give, the less I desire and so it's a cautionary tale. :)

But back to yesterday.
I found two beautiful scriptures.
A simple answer to my hard questions.
I loved the moment in which I found them, and I love the continual strength they bring me.

" Yea, cleave unto me with all of your heart...."
D&C 11:19

"...cleave unto God as He cleaveth unto you."
Jacob 6:5

I can do that.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Discipleship in 2015.

"Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, 
This is an hard saying; who can hear it?
From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him."
John 6:60

Might I just say- Never.