Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve Catch Up.

December flew by so quickly, that I forgot to document some major New Year's Eve for one. 

We gathered at the Cook's house for a celebration like no other...
It started with homemade personal pizzas.

I know Elijah's represented something but I can't remember what...

We served it with chunky (icy) Egg Nog 
which really was quite delicious. 
(When you have too much Egg Nog left over from Christmas, naturally you freeze it and bring it out for New Year's)

Just Dance was a major part of the evening, 
until Elijah and Zach left for a "real" dance.

Grandma Tomi supplied the whole crew 
with a plethora of noise makers. Yay :)

She and Elijah had a "tooting" war. 
I think Grandma won hands down.

Zach figured out how to make four of these go off at once.

The hat-man engaged any who would play in air hockey.

Hannah had so much fun with sparklers...

...that she burned her cheek good.

And of course you can't have Hawaiian transplants at your party and not have fireworks. 
They are huge in Hawaii's New Year's festivities.

And so, 2012 was sent off proper.

May 2013 be the best year yet.