Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waste Not, Want Not.

Somewhere in the Brown DNA there is a gene for thrift.
Some of us have it and some of us don't--
I believe I have passed that gene on to my eldest son.
He is obsessed with buying his clothes at Savers.
Today, he and a couple of his friends took a field trip there.
After spending a large portion of his birthday money, he decided to lay out all of his super Savers finds from the last couple of months.
It looked something like this:

 Are you digging those yellow pants? They used to be green until he decided a little bleach would make them a much better color.

His sisters have become very interested in his T'shirt collection.
Tonight he informed me that he would be 
charging them a .25 fee to wear one.  
That's almost how much one of them cost.
He's thrifty and shrewd.