Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Home Evening....

...found us in the canyon with the Cooks.
After a scorching hot day, 
it was the perfect place to cool off.
We brought the usual hot dogs 
and S'more fixins and went to town. 

Ray and Michael were the master hot dog roasters...

...while Elijah perfected marshmallow toasting (he apparently takes it very seriously).

 And here is something that I take seriously...

...as well as this.

 One day Kaitlyn will pose for me 
without being silly but I'm not holding my breath :)

After dinner, Alissa and Kaitlyn impressed us with their slap/clap skills 
 (seriously, they were good).

 That was followed by an entertaining kickball game,

 where most of the entertainment was off the field.

And just when we thought the evening could not get any better, 
a moose walked by. 
I seriously did not know moose lived in Utah.  
Fun stuff.

From Hobble Creek Canyon we headed to the coolest park in Springville. 

 It has this light game reminiscent of the game, Simon, where you copy the light patterns by hitting them as they flash.
 You can compete with someone else, 
or play by yourself.

 Very entertaining.

But most entertaining was this little contraption that spins you around like a tire rolling down a hill...

 ...making it almost impossible to stand up straight after spitting you out.

 Even this guy had to try it.

And there you have it.
The kind of family home evening that 
doesn't elicit the groans of being 
tortured with a lesson.

Til next week.