Friday, July 10, 2015


I have been avoiding my blog for a really long stretch of time now. 
I'm trying to decide if it's time to pull the plug, or just hang on until I feel like writing again.
I just don't know.
Life has been a little rough for a few months.
Nothing too monumental but just enough pummeling that I don't really want to keep a record of it anywhere, you know?
And so I haven't.
Last week, we sat in the Stake President's office as he officially released the bishopric of which my husband is a part of.   He gave each of us some kind parting thoughts, and  to the Bishop's wife he said: "Your righteous family is a sign of your faithfulness."
Those words pinched at my heart.
Right now, my family may not be the best sign of my personal faithfulness.
Some of us are struggling a bit and such is life. Things will work out eventually.
However, those words from the stake president have rumbled around in my head a bit and have given me lots of pause for thought.
A better sign of my faithfulness might be my hours of  conversations with my Heavenly Father.
My love of the scriptures and listening to the words of the prophets and apostles.
My willingness to serve and help in any way I can.
My desire to be in His house learning more about His ways.
My commitment to be personally prepared each week to renew my covenants with Him as I partake of the sacrament.
My growing faith even as the world seems to reject and denounce the values and principles I live by.
And my unconditional love for my children regardless of the extra gray hairs and wrinkles they are giving me.  :)
The greatest sign of my faithfulness may be my unwavering knowledge that I am divinely connected to my Heavenly Father and Jesus, and that they know me personally and love me.
That's a sign I can be at peace with.
And so for now, Michael and I are just rolling with each punch and smiling as we keep telling each other: "Something GREAT is about to happen!"
Yup. Fingers crossed.

A gorgeous double rainbow appeared right outside my house last night.
I like those kinds of signs too. :)