Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Holy Place of Certainty.

A few months ago, a friend gave a beautiful talk in sacrament meeting titled : The Holy Place Uncertainty.
The concept was something I had never thought about in that way before, but it hit me hard.
The idea was that in our places of uncertainty we have the opportunity to become the most holy.
The times when we don't know for sure where God is.
When it feels like He has stepped back.
When it feels like we just don't have the strength to take on one more heartache.
Those times when our faith takes some hard hits--yet we hang on.
We keep praying, we keep trusting, we just keep moving forward.
Those are the times that eventually, God writes upon our hearts who we truly are.

However, the other night as I was walking into the temple, the spirit whispered: "This is a holy place of certainty."
It is the place that shows me the end from the beginning-- it shows me who I am in no uncertain terms.
Time and time again as I grapple with the uncertainty of my current struggles,
I am reminded in the temple of the sure promises of Heavenly Father.
That my covenants bind me and my family to Him.
Because He is a God of  certainty.
But He knows there is great strength and power in uncertainty, when you turn your heart and faith over to Him anyway --
Faith- it's the first principle of the gospel for a reason.

I am reminded of  my religion teacher's mantra for when he doesn't have the answer to a hard question or struggle:

"I don't know.
But I know God knows.
And that's all I need to know."


Shabbat Shalom.