Thursday, May 17, 2012

Her Head in the Clouds and Her Foot Out the Door.

 Since the first day of kindergarten, this girl has been ready to fly. She stepped on the bus without looking back, ready for whatever the world had in store for her. 
It's about to come full circle. 
With a summer away from home on the horizon, and college to follow, I'm the one questioning, doubting, worrying, while Michaela is wondering, dreaming, anticipating. 
And rightly so.
This is when life gets fun. 
And hard.
It's exciting.
And hard.
College shaped me. 
It pummeled me at times, 
but it also whispered beautiful truths to me ...
about me,
about God,
and about life.
I am anxious for Michaela to have some of those life experiences.
But as a mother, I wonder if I have prepared her enough.

Prayer, scriptures, temple:
The balm to every heartbreak, heartache, and battle wound.
If she knows that, really knows that, she'll be okay.

After all, He let her go first.
I am sure she left Heaven in much the same way she got on that kindergarten bus.
And the same way she will leave us in two weeks.
With a big, huge smile, ready to fly.