Saturday, May 26, 2012

School's Out. Bring On Summer.

As per tradition at Spring Creek Elementary, the last day of school is celebrated with a DANCE FESTIVAL. Each grade has a traditional dance (though every once in awhile,  teachers are brave enough to explore something new and different). This year, Will "Thrillered" and Hannah "tinickled." I have no idea how to spell that word, nor do I know what it means except that they hit sticks on the ground and other 6th graders jump through and around them. Very cool. 

Will is a Zombie complete with tattered shirt and stressed out dance moves.

Zombie? I think not.

Hannah tinickling...I googled it.Nothing

Will and his awesome teacher, Mr. Hoehne.

And as traditional in the Labit family, we hiked the Y on the morning after. Some of us declined this year (way to represent the females, Hannah) but those who went...

...felt immense awesomeness! Except for Hannah who apparently just felt tired.

Even though the temperature is hovering in the high 50's, it feels like we are ready for the impending summer adventures.

Ready or not....