Monday, July 30, 2012

The Weekend Wrap...

Alot of my weekend was spent in Dallas,Texas. Well, not physically but definitely in spirit as I watched the events of Glenn Beck's Restoring Love weekend. This was the third in his "Restoring" trilogy. The first was Restoring Honor which took place in Washington D.C.two years ago, and the second, Restoring Courage, took place in Jerusalem last year. All of the events have been so inspiring and somewhat life changing for me. Not in huge ways, but they have encouraged me to think deeply about my values, my country, and where I stand as an American and a patriot. I love them.

One of my favorite days from  this weekend's event was Friday, when 35,000 people gathered and performed service for and with charities in the Dallas area.  It was unbelievable to see so many people gathered to serve those in need. Friday evening, a program called Indivisible Under God was held. It was  a religious gathering of all different denominations. The speakers were incredible.
I love to hear and feel the testimonies of people from other faiths. I wept.

 Saturday night was the culminating event in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium where close to 100,000 people gathered and listened to patriotic stories, music, and saw incredible artifacts from American history. All this in an effort to restore love for our country as well as for each other. Mostly, to help us remember that, as De tocqueville said: "America is great because America is good."  We need to be good and do good.

It was truly an awesome experience.

Okay enough of that! We also managed a few other things this weekend...

We went and saw this musical...

 ...with this amazingly talented man from our ward. 
Really, he was incredible.

Meghan came home from her summer stint in Washington on Saturday, which only made us miss Michaela more, and brought with her this incredible quilt. Grandma makes the college bound kids a quilt to take with them and this is over the top. 
Can't wait to see Michaela's.

I also did a photo session with Hannah where I made her do lot's of stupid poses (and she actually did them!)

And finally there was Sunday dinner. 
We celebrated Kyle's impending birthday....

...dined with the Woolf kids...
...which are kind of all grown up...
(awkward moment when Janis thought Ashley was Tyler's wife)

...and listened to EFY reports from all the 
cousins who got to attend this summer.

And today, once again, my husband is leaving me for 5 days, and taking Hannah, Elijah, and Kyle on an exciting adventure in the 
High Uintas...

Wish me luck!
Okay, and them too.