Monday, August 6, 2012

This Just Might Have Been the Highlight of His Day.

Zac is bored. 
At 17, he has left all of his friends 
and moved to a strange land with strange stuff.
And he is a pretty good sport about it.
However, he does not like to swim, 
thus he does not accompany us to any water activities,
which really are most of our activities in this 100 degree summer.
When "pressured" by Auntie Brenda (who just needs the house to herself every once in awhile), 
he will occasionally go to Seven Peaks Water Park 
with the rest of the kids, fully clothed with book in hand. 
No water for him.
Today, however, they pulled out Just Dance 3.
Zac got a little excited.
He did alot of dancing.
Who knew?