Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Little Halloween Hoopla.

Sad to say, Halloween doesn't quite pack the "oomph" it used to... With only a couple of kids dressing up, the magic is a little tarnished. HOWEVER, we did have some costumes heading out the door this morning: 

The Unicorn...

...and the Ranger's Apprentice.
 We also had a Power Puff girl, but she raced off before I could snap a photo.

Later this evening, these guys showed up: 
I'm a little freaked out by Kyle as Alice Cooper...

Gavin, Will, and Jake hit two neighborhoods...

...and came home with unimaginable amounts of candy.


Back off, Alice...

Gavin is dreaming about piles of Reeses. Wake up Gavin, you're not dreaming!

I guess I  have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. 
I certainly love the anticipation and excitement, but I hate the day after with crazy amounts of candy going into my children's mouths
In the old days I would confiscate half of the loot while the kids were sleeping and they would be none the wiser
They are too smart for that now.  They hide it from me.

However, for some good news: it is officially Christmas music season.
Mine is coming out this weekend.
Michael Buble', it has been way too long.  

Feliz Navidad everyone!