Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In a Tiny Little Town in Southern Utah....

We spent less than 24 hours in Cedar City but oh was it worth it.
This production of Les Miserables was incredible.
I was a little apprehensive, as we had watched the 25th Anniversary edition (again) on Saturday in preparation. 
I began to think it might have been a mistake. 
The bar was set awfully high by that group.
  we were not disappointed in the least.
It was amazing from beginning to end. 
We sat on the second row and loved seeing 
the actors' faces up close and personal.
(Our seats were so good, Governor Herbert was sitting behind us!)
We were in awe.
Michael's fave was Javert, played by Brian Vaughn.
Mine, of course had to be Jean Valjean,
played by J. Michael Bailey  
I seriously could hardly breathe during Bring Him Home. 

My words seem hardly enough-
 for a more thorough telling read Trilby's review here  .

While wandering the streets of Cedar City, we came across an ice cream shop that seemed oh so familiar....

 It had a jukebox and black and white tile....

...a soda fountain and swivel stools...

 ...and cute little tables and chairs.

It also had a HUGE assortment of all kinds of candy.
Pretty awesome-- (something to think about Grandpa).

It truly was an amazing 18 hours in that tiny southern Utah town.
I would relive it again and again if I could.
Can't wait for December.