Saturday, September 7, 2013

3 Things.

Last night, my friend Trilby and I attended the last rooftop concert of the summer.  (Learn more about the rooftop concerts here)

In the midst of all the excitement I had several enlightening moments:

Number One:
Provo is seriously cool. Hipsters, wannabe's, college students and middle aged women :) all packed in on top of a parking garage, listening to up and coming new artists. Does it get any edgier than that in Happy Valley?

Number Two:
 Provo nightlife has changed dramatically since I was in college. No longer are weekends dedicated to The Star Palace or Plastique. Does dancing even happen anymore? The Provo music scene seems to dominate weekend plans...

And Number Three:
 Trilby and I definitely need to get together more often. 4 hours of nonstop talking/catching up! (oh, there was a concert going on?)

And there you have it. A rousing endorsement from the perennial college student who swore she would never come back to Provo. So serious was she, that she married a Hawaii boy just to keep an ocean between her and that city.

Provo, I apologize.