Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Snapshot of the 5...

Has opted to postpone school to spend a semester in Russia teaching English. She works and works and works, which is good because most of her friends are on missions or back at college. She did find time to attend the first annual Salt Lake City Comic Con. Apparently you dress up like one of your favorite characters from just about anything and go meet other people dressed up like characters. Kind of like Halloween without the candy pay off. Anyone who knows Michaela understands that Comic Con is basically her love language :)

This is her with the famous Nicholas Brendon whom I can't remember what he is from but he is a really big deal to fan girls everywhere!

Michaela leaves for Russia in January.

Just had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday and we feel quite cheated. No silly post-surgery behavior, no drama, and quite frankly no swelling so far. We will see what tomorrow brings...
Bethany does have a severe case of Senioritis. We are hoping she can find a cure soon :)

Bethany, 12 hours after surgery...

Is embarking on his toughest schedule yet. Since 5th grade he has been in advanced schools and now in 10th grade, he is paying the piper.  He is taking AP Calculus, AP World History, Honors English etc. He is also playing fall Lacrosse and so, for a boy who loves his free time, he certainly doesn't have much of it.

 But mostly, he spends his time fighting off the girls :)

 Is enjoying the superiority of being an Eighth grader in middle school. It's so hard for her to believe that just a few short months ago she was a lowly 7th grader (wink,wink). She has traded in her clarinet for, well, nothing. It seems she and musical instruments have decided to part ways indefinitely. She gave it a go though. She is a great student and we are proud of her academic achievements. I can't believe that  in just a few short weeks she will turn 14 and can officially wear that makeup that she thinks I don't see on her already :) She will also move on to the Mia Maid class- something she is kind of excited for!

Hannah and her much more photogenic cousin Mallory :)

Has started 6th grade off full throttle. He has more energy and enthusiasm for life than all the rest of the Labits put together. He has a revolving door of visitors that keep him quite entertained. When not playing with friends, you can almost always find him with a book in hand. Whether it's eating breakfast, brushing his teeth, or getting dressed, all of these activities must be accompanied by a book. He is anxiously awaiting the third Michael Vey book, coming out next week.  Will has also met a few challenges lately, including the loss of his two birds.  I am so proud of how far he has come...

First day of 6th grade.

And there you have it. 
The kids are all moving forward. Some fast and furiously, 
and some not so much.
But nonetheless forward and we are happy about that.

Mom and Dad?  
We are overworked, underpaid, and always tired.
But we wouldn't trade these kids for anything.
(Except for maybe a swimming pool. I am always willing to bargain for a swimming pool)