Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh Halloween, How I Love To Hate You.

I love everything about Halloween until the end result: massive amounts of candy. 
It about drives me out of my mind when I see the stash that comes home.
This pillowcase is half full.
Half full!

 This is the stuff that rots the teeth and is Will's fave: hard candy.

 This is the stuff that I have no self control over: chocolate.

And though I have a sweet tooth as big as the state of Texas, even I have my limits.

Thus I asked them to choose a portion of their favorites to be rationed out over the coming weeks. I then bagged 7 little Ziplocs full and stashed them in 72 hour kits. Next, we pulled out all chocolate that could be baked in Sunday cookies, and bottled the rest for our emergency food storage. 
That's the best I can do to give myself a little peace of mind until the Christmas candy starts rolling in.
Wow. Happy Halloween.