Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A quick update on where we are in life at this moment:

Michaela is now working at Macys Department Store. She is very happy not to be working in the food industry this time around...:) She teaches a cute little primary class where she has found that all of her Russian teaching skills come in very handy. She has plans to attend UVU in January and major in the digital media program there.

 Bethany is off eating weird things in China. Seriously, who would ever dream of eating that cute little bird with a stick shoved through it? Ugh. This from the child who would not eat chicken off a bone.
Loving the hard work she is doing- what a great experience.

 Elijah is now a college student.
Can't emphasize enough how much he is missed here at home.
Hannah says that every day. 
We are not really thinking that the feeling is mutual.
Too many cousins out there to miss his real family :)

Hannah has become our resident home schooler.
She faithfully gets up every morning at 7:00, 
takes a run with  Buddha, and is showered and hunkered down for the morning with her school work by 8:30.
No mom, whining and begging for school work to get done-
It's really strange just having one child in "real" school.

Which brings us to Will.
He is staying busy this year as a middle schooler.
He runs Cross Country with the Centennial running team,
and still plays the cello.
If it weren't for Will, this house would be
 as solitary as a cemetery :)
He does his best to provide us with much needed entertainment!
Thanks Will.

And Buddha.
Buddha has finally decided to love me.
I knew he would.

And there it is. 
Our life in a nutshell.