Sunday, September 28, 2014


Yesterday, I attended the funeral of another friend-
a young mom of five, who passed away from cancer. 
It was hard.
She was a beautiful, devoted mom and wife who leaves behind a missionary son, all the way down to a 3 year old, with 3 others in between.
The service was sweet--filled with tears and sorrow
as well as joy and celebration of her life.
The good news of the gospel means that funerals can be both.
As the brother of the husband left behind spoke, he shared a conversation they had.
After her diagnosis, Camille had the feeling that things were going to get really hard, that difficult times were ahead, but in the end, things were going to be okay. 
Three years later, when it became apparent that she was going to lose her battle with cancer, he asked his brother about that feeling.
His brother replied: "Everything is already okay. The Savior's atonement means that it is okay now. We are going to be together forever."
The eternal lesson of this mortal experience is 
that it will always be hard in one way or another, but in the end, 
everything is going to be okay. 
Jesus made sure of that.