Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January So Far...

January has kept me pretty busy. No time for feeling sorry for my January-hating self. Some of the things keeping me busy include: 

 Doing LOT'S of homework with Hannah-- 
we are getting her done with E School so she can move on 
to her new charter school experience. :)
(Mulder is helping out with a project for Earth Science).

Playing with my favorite baby-

Playing in the snow with her sisters....

We tried to recreate Olaf.

Decorating for a New Year's Eve Dance...
(technically that was December-- but close enough)

Hannah on break from constant school work...

However, the best thing about January so far
has been the out of this world sunsets.
Every one has been spectacular!

So there we are.
Almost half way through January 
with barely a moment to complain. 
So far, so good.