Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 Really there is nothing better than Easter and 
Conference falling on the same weekend. 
Conference sure helps you stay focused on the Savior 
all weekend long.

But in between all of that awesomeness we found time for secondary Easter activities...

...such as decorating eggs.

We decided to forgo egg dye this year 
and stuck to decorating with paint and glitter.

I loved being able to watch the Priesthood session live this year.
In the amazing choir, I thought this boy looked a lot like my son over there in Washington.

   That is until I compared it with this choir picture-
not so much.

 On Sunday we had Easter dinner at the Backus household- 
I took about 2 pictures.

Then I discovered that Will got a hold of my camera....
and so I ended up with these lovely memories:

Perfectly captured the day I think...or not.

Luckily, I got this awesome shot of these two cousins 
thoroughly enjoying their time together:

Or not.

One more try...

 Yep, just not happening.
Oh well-

Despite that lovely daughter of mine-
Easter was wonderful.

My love is deeper, my faith is stronger, and my time well spent.