Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break.

Spring Break started out a little "iffy" for us. Because of big layoffs planned at Michael's work that week, we had very underwhelming plans in case we were out of employment. Kind of puts a damper on things...however, things worked out, we are still employed and all is well. Here is a rundown on our week-- 

1. We helped Judie move in to her new place. 
We all were a little nervous about her being on her own, but she found a nice place in an assisted living center...things already have not worked out so well, but that's a story for another day.

2. We helped Janis do some spring cleaning. (Nothing says Spring Break like lot's of service, am I right?)

3. We went and saw the movie Freetown. Can't say enough about how great that movie is and how it brought back a flood of memories of our Africa experiences...

4. We took Buddha to have a "procedure" done. Nothing is more sad than his happy face on the car ride to the clinic, and his dejected face on the car ride home...

5. We went to the temple and did some baptisms for family. Since the Provo Temple baptistry is so busy, we went to the Jordan River temple. It was lovely. And very time savvy...

6. We ended our week at Lagoon. Because we hadn't been there in several years, it seemed like an ideal time. The weather was perfect, the rides were awesome and the company was fabulous. :)  
We won't mention the car's dead battery when it was time to go home. 

 Bethany, reunited with Rodney, the bunny of her senior year who now lives with 
Janis and is called Esther. Somehow in the process, Rodney changed genders?

Gorgeous flowers outside the temple. 
Spring has sprung.

Bethany had to document Buddha's misery...

Though I love roller coasters, I am old. My equilibrium just aint what it used to be...
I did every single one despite that ugly truth.

I did not do Rattlesnake Rapids. Getting wet in 60 degree weather would send me over the edge.
No one else seemed to care about that issue.

All in all, Spring Break was pretty okay.  
Especially the part about still having a job. :)