Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hey Gurl Heeeey!

Sorry- I needed to get that out. 
Ever since our last Relief Society Activity speaker opened her remarks with that, 
it has been bouncing around in my head constantly. 
It makes me smile every time.
It's helping me through this mid-December funk I'm in.
Yes, mid-December. 
(It makes me soooo worried for January).  
Because really, who has time for a funk in December? 
Whatever. December has been so lovely, really.
And with the snow that has just been dumped, 
it doesn't get prettier around here.
One of my favorite things we have done this December, is read a really good book together--

It's the story of a man with a tragic past, trying to find relief from his pain, hoping somehow that death will come.  But things begin to change when his life becomes entwined with the life of Jesus-- from his birth to his death and beyond. No matter how you feel about the author, this story is wonderful- and brings Jesus and Santa together in a remarkably beautiful way. 

It's highly recommended by this girl who loves a good story about Jesus. 

So, Merry Christmas, and buckle up for January
It's going to be a fun one!!!