Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Love Jesus.

It's just one week until Easter Sunday 
and as I love to do this time of year, 
I am pouring through my my Jerusalem things- 
my study notes, my pictures, and my journals. 
I am in heaven.
This afternoon as I listened to Elder Holland's beautiful Easter talk None Were With Him, I sobbed openly (as I am known to do lately-I blame pre-menopause).
I love Jesus.
I do.
I would walk the roads of the Old City over and over again if I could, trying to feel and know the love He had for that Holy land and its people.
I would take my journal back down to Gethsemane and sit for a few hours, trying to imagine the agony and  heartbreak of the greatest moment ever in the history of eternity. 
And then I would sob as I felt just a tiny fraction of the love that motivated that kind of pain.
And finally, I would sit beside that beautiful garden tomb.
The one where latter-day prophets have felt was actually THE tomb.
I would just ponder it's emptiness.
And I would probably sob once again.
Because that's what I do when it comes to Jesus.
Last week in the temple, I had such a beautiful moment of clarity as I witnessed the atonement repair and heal a broken family.
That's what it does. 
That's why He did it.
It filled me with such hope and peace.
And that's why I love Him so much.
Jesus saves--He saves me over and over and over.

May this Holy week be filled with His love.

Shabbat Shalom.