Monday, August 22, 2016

A Little Bit of This--A Little Bit of That.

Summer is over. 
The proof is--I have two children who 
just finished their first week of school.
It's been a fun one. I mean that sarcastically AND sincerely.

Here is our summer in a nutshell: Girls Camp, wedding, visitors, and a Washington/Oregon trip. 
And of course,
a little bit of drama interspersed here and there. 

Yep-fun stuff.

Here are a few captured moments:

First, little miss Scarlett returned with a vengeance. 
LOVED by all thoroughly and completely.

And the wedding of the century took place with perfection personified.

No visit with the Hurst girls would be complete without a trip to see the "animals."
Springville has its own nature reserve if you didn't know....

Washington holds Hannah's heart in its hand. 
She feels a kindred spirit with the water, the clouds, and the rain. 

Pokeman hunting was the highlight of our day in Seattle for these boys :/

We visited Grandpa Labit in Winchester Bay, Oregon for the first time.
It was amazing. Loved every minute of our visit.

Will especially loved Go-Karting....

 We put on some extra vacation pounds right here at Grandpa's. 

Obligatory picture of the Space Needle :)

My personal highlight of the summer? 
My return to the world of fitness. 
Yup, after a two year break, 
the Provo Rec Center has my back. Woot!
And the Nike Outlet in Washington equipped me with these sweet shoes.

And so that is that- onward to fall.

Orange and red colors on the mountain--I've spotted you
 and I am full on ready.