Monday, September 26, 2016

And Sometimes the Sabbath Feels Like This.

Wonderful day today.
How could it not have been after last night's General Women's Meeting, which quite possibly might have been the best I have ever heard and felt.
I know this is not surprising but I cried from beginning to end.
I have self-proclaimed this time in life, my "season of weeping" and truly, I hope it ends soon-- but seriously, every talk was a keeper.
President Uchtdorf's talk on Faith was profound. Just profound.
And would you ever tire of hearing the soul-wrenching words sung: "I'll never, no never, no never forsake?" Not me.

So anywho, the stage was set for an amazing Sabbath and  it did not disappoint.
This morning while getting ready for church I listened to Elder Holland's talk Safety for the Soul
three times in a row. It just filled me with the electricity of the spirit. Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and Elder Holland...I just couldn't get enough.

And then I delved into a little 2 Nephi 33-which has always made me cry- even before my season of weeping. :) I LOVE Nephi. And I hate saying goodbye to him. But he says goodbye sooo well.

And of course-- the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program--I truly have the best calling in the church. Really. Leading the music today- was such a privilege- I'm not sure how I kept from weeping as I just watched them sing their hearts out. And when I say their hearts I mean just that. Their hearts were in every song. It was just the best.

In Primary, a sweet young girl gave the most beautiful talk on missionary work. She had prepared it so carefully and shared from her family of missionaries, present and returned, how they prepared for their missions. It was awesome.

AND THEN- our sweet neighbors returned from their 18 month mission in Virginia and we got to celebrate them with neighbors and friends. So great!

And finally, we celebrated birthdays with the cousins in Salt Lake. Such a strong family bond was felt a little different today and I'm not sure why but I will take it! Love those people!

And so, the Sabbath has buoyed me up in a big way to face the week. I expect a few challenges ahead of the great General Conference weekend. That's just how it goes. Bring it on.
Okay- not really but I'm ready if it's necessary. 

Shabbat Shalom.