Thursday, September 8, 2016


At any given period of time in my life 
I have a soundtrack that plays along.
My playlists are extensive and represent who I am or what I am feeling that day. Or that week. Or that month.
My kids can attest to the fact that the same playlist can play nonstop for a week.
For me, these playlists are essential. 
Sometimes, they help me breathe. 
Other times they are plain old happiness.
Most of the time, they just help me get through the day.
Right now, I have three playlists that are on constant rotation:

1) Korean drama soundtracks. 
I LOVE them. 
Love, love, love them.
My kids HATE them. That makes me love them more (wink, wink).  The right Korean ballad can make you feel like you've had a good cry without shedding a tear (and I am in the business of slowing down the shedding of tears right now). 
I feel them-- over and over and over-- even though I have no idea what they are saying. Yep. Probably too much info shared right there :)

2) Contemporary Christian Music
I'm not talking Mormon stuff--though I am not one to poke my nose in the air over Soft Sunday Sounds. 
Because truthfully, those songs were the soundtrack to my college years. Seriously don't get me started
But there is some GOOD contemporary Christian music out right now. I highly recommend this one by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family. The first time I heard it, I had to pull over to the side of the road and cry. Ugh. But it's become my mantra. :)  
And this one by Jonny Diaz...oh dear, I cry too (see why I need songs that I can't understand the words? Less crying...). 
And there are so many more on my playlist--
Sometimes I just need this as background music to my life.

3) Hawaiian Music. My "go-to" music lately. It takes my mind and heart back to a simpler time--a time when my kids were babies, and life was beautifully full of hopes and dreams. A time where the beach was our playground and our drive to the grocery store was stunningly gorgeous.  Such a great place to begin a family...
I love my Hawaiian playlist. 
My newest discovery is this song...and I DON'T cry when I listen to it-even though it's definitely tear-worthy...

And there you have it---
my happy place comes right from my phone.
Technology can be grand.

...and just because, here are some sweet Hawaii memories that are so much better if you play the above mentioned song as you look at them...or maybe it's just my heart that pings that way.

 Michaela, Zachary, and Bethany.

 Mom and Michaela at the Honolulu Zoo.

 Michaela and her first love, Punahele.

 Michaela and Meghan. Cousins reunited :)

 One of our many beach adventures....

 We eeked out one more child (Elijah)  before heading back to the mainland.

 Michaela almost never left the water. 
If it wasn't for the call of sandcastles, she would have stayed submerged for hours.

 Classic Hawaiian pose..

 Christmas downtown Honolulu :)

 Michaela begins the Labit family children...

 Grandma Tomi and Grandpa Fred on their wedding day.
Their reception was the biggest Luau I had ever been to.
Fred was well-known and well-loved.

And that's all for now.
Here's to many, many more soundtracks.

P.S. I am working on a playlist of Christmas music that doesn't sound like Christmas music. :)
I'll keep you posted on that one.