Saturday, February 25, 2017

February-The Month of LOVE.

Ah February, the month of just cries out for a list 
and so here goes: 

I love this newly nineteen year-old boy.

I definitely loved his birthday cake.
Remember the Chocolate Wasted Cake I made for Cameron?
This is an off-shoot using white chocolate and Cadbury Eggs.
And I also love that photo-bomber :)

 I love that I got to spend a HUGE chunk of time with these two.
I seriously went through withdrawals when they left...

 I love that Valentines Day is smack dab in the middle of the 
month as a helpful little push to get you through the rest of it.
I love that I have my very own awesome valentine. ;)

I love that these two just announced that they are 
expecting a little boy in August!!! 
Yay for more babies after a 13-year dry spell!!!

I love that God always sends me the right messages at the right time.

 I love that two nights a week I get to walk to my class and pass  pictures
 of the three heavenly months I spent in Jerusalem.

We had good hair.

And about those religion classes-
I still LOVE them. 

And finally, February might be the very best month to see this love story...
Thank you Trilby- I LOVED it!!!

And so, though February wasn't perfect 
 #rain #grayfordays #snowformiles 

It was definitely LOVELY.