Thursday, June 29, 2017

Texas-the Second Largest State in the Union.

Okay, seriously, it is hard 
not to be impressed with the great state of Texas. 
And it seems mighty wrong to not include 
"the great state of" when referring to Texas. 
It's HUGE. 
For spring break, we spent a solid 7days there 
and loved every second of it. 
All of us. Even the teenagers.
I can say with absolute certainty that despite  all of the cool places we visited, the best part of the trip for all of us was just hanging out with:



 Little miss Scarlett,

and Sabrina. 

That just never gets old :)
Love those girls and their mama too.

We manged to squeeze in a Texas sized amount of sight seeing...

No one visits the great state anymore without hitting Waco.
Such a great place and Magnolia Market is unbelievable.

Super impressive stuff but all I could think was 
"there's a lot of cash being transferred in this place."
A Lot.

And as much as we like the Silos, for me, the best part of Waco is Lula Jane's. I know it's shocking that a bakery would be my favorite place to visit :)
But look at those cookies on the plate (back left).
They are the best I have ever had.
Everything was delish.

And then we had to get the obligatory 
bending over the railroad track picture.
Thanks Will.

We spent some time at the Baylor bookstore...

and visited the Space Museum in Houston.

Caught a decent movie, 
but really?
Hermione singing?
What were they thinking?

Will bought his first cowboy hat...

Watched a few movies with this little girl.
She always gets the front row ...

Seriously the best barbecue I have ever eaten.
They know how to make it melt in your mouth.

 And speaking of food-
in Austin we found the best doughnuts EVER.

 The menu.

 And also in Austin, we toured the capitol building 
and found this former president. 
Remember the good old days? 
The hatred for him was just child's play.
The capitol building was stunning. Too bad no pics.

The fam went to San Antonio to see the Alamo without me. 
I stayed at home and had some quality with Lizbeth and a police visit when I accidentally set off the house alarm. 
Good times. :)

Our final day was spent in Galveston at the beach.
It was awesome.


 Texas love.