Sunday, June 3, 2012

From firesides to campouts, this is the longest post ever!

The week in pictures:

Wednesday night we went to Julie's  YW's activity. It was an evening focusing on what to expect at a temple wedding...

Tyler and Camille were the guest speakers. Tyler told Ashley that his remarks were prepared especially for her :)

Honestly, don't you hate when people say, "they are such a cute couple?"  But they really are such a cute couple and they shared some wonderful thoughts about why they chose each other.
Good stuff -I hope my girls listened well.

Julie did a wonderful job at planning and presenting.

 We went to Cafe Rio afterwards and Beth was apparently 
super hungry.

Friday night was the annual Father/Son camp out.

Will amazingly conquered another fear and decided he could sleep away from home. Awesome.

Saturday night I attempted to make Will's Star Wars birthday cake.
Epic movie, epic failure.
(Lightsaber or Q-tip?)

Sam's Club to the rescue.

Sunday was Michaela's last day at church before leaving for Washington. 
Her friends heart-attacked our garage while we were gone.

We then celebrated the two birthday boys. 
The kids were in rare picture taking form!

Happy Birthday, Jordan and Will.

Goodbye Grandma.
Goodbye Meghan.
Goodbye Michaela.
Sniff. Sniff.