Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve began at Gorgoza Park, a tube run, in Park City.
 Some were well prepared for the weather,
and some were not.
When limbs went numb, we were done.
It was lots of fun.  

After hot showers and last minute preparations, we headed to the Cooks for Christmas Eve dinner and a program. It's been a long time since we have had little ones around, so we put together a live Nativity. Some were more cooperative than others...

Mary and Joseph (looking awfully sassy!!!)

 They were soon joined by baby Jesus...

 ...and some shepherds whose flock consisted of one
 little black dog.

Then, an angel joined Mary on the donkey...

...and they were visited by an uncooperative wise man with an unusually large head.

We read the story of Jesus' birth, 
and sang every Christmas song we could think of.
We even did a little opening of presents.

 Michaela got a new shirt...

Finally, we headed home and had our own traditional 
Christmas Eve opening of one present each. 
Somehow it turned into the opening of three presents.

 Some of us were really excited...

 ...and some of us weren't.

Then, we headed to bed so Santa Claus could come.

And come he did.