Monday, December 17, 2012

On Bethany's Birthday We... together at the Cooks for a little celebrating! 

 A few scenes from the exciting time had by all include:

...Beth and Michaela, who took celebrating very seriously.

...Bethany looking especially celebratory.

...Kaitlyn (who maintains the tradition of always making a silly face for a picture)  and Malia ,who is always just super cute. Even with a band-aid on her forehead!

(Malia may or may not have cheated to win this game by "pretending" to not know how to count!)

...Mikki, who thinks she is not too big for the baby carrier.

...Cameron and Zac, who have an epic throw down.
And finally, the birthday celebration was capped by the visit of  Beth's closest friends (who did a strange dance on the front lawn celebrating each and every one of her 17 years).

Though Sundays are not necessarily the best day for your birthday to fall on,
 it turned out pretty nice.
Happy Birthday Beth.
We love you.