Sunday, July 14, 2013

Independence Day.

We have lived in Provo, Utah for almost 14 years. In that time we have been to the 4th of July parade exactly one time. 
Huge crowds and blazing heat 
were always the detractors. 
This year I was determined to do it again. 

Elijah and some friends slept overnight 
on the parade route to reserve us a good spot. 
 In the end, the spot he chose was overtaken by a group of 70 who really were not interested in sharing.

However, directly across the street was a prime spot just in front of the tabernacle. 
We had a perfect view of the parade. 

And I must say that though it was a lot of fun, 
I was a little disappointed. 
A lot of hype for a kind of mediocre parade.

We spent the evening with the Cooks.

We ate barbecue and ice cream cones, 

played some patriotic games,

  and set off fireworks. 

Lots of them.


 It was awesomeness.

Happy Independence Day.