Friday, July 19, 2013

The Wrap Up...

When all was said and done, 
my very favorite part of the 
reunion was hearing from our three 
newly called missionaries. 
Each shared why they were serving and each one had a different story. 

Cody is serving in the Spanish speaking Lubbock, Texas Mission. I loved hearing about his spiritual journey leading to his decision to serve.

 Linsdey, serving in the North Atlanta,Georgia mission, shared a beautiful testimony of the Savior thus demonstrating why sister missionaries are so needed.

 And I loved hearing how Brady felt impressed to go at a young age, while singing a song in Primary. He never wavered from that decision. 
He will be serving in the Colorado Springs, Spanish speaking mission.

And so, in the end, that's what 
reunions are about. Strengthening relationships, sharing love, 
and having fun.

I hope that happened.

Until next time.