Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh,The Lazy Days of Summer.

Somehow, I live under the illusion that everything slows down during the summer. Our crazy school schedule will be dismissed and we will all just relax by the pool and read books all summer long.
Here is a little taste of summer so far:

 Cecil and Molly have returned to spend a few weeks here again. Will and Cecil are inseparable.
Beth and Molly are separated only by Beth's pesky little job...

 Will went on his first overnighter as an 11 year old scout. Dad went with him and they pounded out some Tenderfoot requirements.

 Kaylie went with us to This Is The Place Heritage Park. In the gift shop she was overheard saying: "This is the kind of crap that WON'T be in MY house!
Oh Kaylie....

 We visited Janis one night where she made us her famous dry ice Root Beer.


 The boys set up a tent on the deck and tried to sleep in it overnight. One of them just didn't make it :)

 For our 21st anniversary celebration 
we went to the shooting range. 

And last but not least, our sweet yellow parakeet, Napoleon, passed on to the next world.
So sad. 
And the next day we lost our fish.
Not so sad.

And so, this is just a smidgeon of what's going on  this summer.  
Never a dull moment here in this house-
and not much time for laying by the pool 
with a book either...

Maybe next summer.