Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Little Celebration...

With so many cousins close by, more often than not we double up on our Sunday birthday celebrations. For as long as we can remember, Michaela and Kyle have done the dual honors. 

Michaela opted for a little creativity this year with her birthday cake. 
I thought she had long outgrown that desire, but nonetheless, I obliged.

I did a tribute to the Doctor's bow tie because it seemed much easier than baking a Tardis...

My mind is like a whip I tell you. That clever little quip just rolled out of my brain.

Kyle had no preference for his birthday cake this year, and thus he got his mother's favorite cake--
this Heath bar divineness...

And finally, the shoulder angel gave his blessing to this whole celebration.
Thank you Jacob.

 Happy Birthday Kyle and Michaela,

and thanks to all those who helped celebrate, 
like such as....

 ...Jordan and Cody,


 Kaylie and Cassidy,

and Jordan and Hannah (who appear to be having way too much fun)!!!!

Til September, when we will be doubling up again!!!