Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confessions of a Tired Mom.

Ask any one of my kids- I am a mom of rules.
Especially age related rules.
There is an age at which you can stay up later.
An age at which you can watch PG movies.
An age at which you can wear make-up, own a cell-phone, and obviously date.
The problem is as I get older, I can't always remember the ages or the reasons for some of those ages.
But nonetheless, there are ages.
Case and point: Harry Potter.
When Michaela began to read Harry Potter at age 8, we (I) decided that after book 4, she would need to put Harry on pause until she was 12. I think the reason was that it got a little more intense and a little more grown-up.
Each child thereafter  painfully waited until that age as well.
Until Hannah- who somehow convinced me to let her move on at 11 causing quite an uproar with her older siblings.
And then came Will. He devours books second only to his oldest sister. I wanted him to love Harry Potter like she did (does).
He read the first 4 books a couple of years ago. Then he waited. When he turned 11, he wanted to move on to book number 5.
But being the mean mother/Harry Potter lover that I am, I told him he had to read the first 4 books again in order to move on.
And so for the past few days, his nose has been in books 1,2, and 3.
Today he began number 4.
It just makes my heart happy to have Harry around again.

Happy, happy, happy.