Thursday, October 24, 2013

If You're Not A Dog Person, You Might Not Understand....

...but somehow, this guy makes everything right in the world. 

We have been looking for just the right dog for about 6 months. Michaela had alerts coming to her email every time a dog matching our criteria checked in to a shelter. Somehow, we just couldn't connect with any.
Last Sunday night, I checked the KSL classifieds
 like I had done a million times before.
 I literally screamed.
There, right before my eyes, was a beautiful black lab for sale, named Buddha.
It was a sign from heaven :)
Within 5 minutes we had an appointment to see him the next night.
Within 24 hours he was ours. 
He's only 3 years old- a little younger than we were looking for, but boy is he amazing. 
We are wearing him out with love and attention.
Our previous Buddha passed away 4 years ago, almost to the day that we brought this Buddha home. We like to think maybe they knew each other in heaven, (we are super serious about our dog lovin') and that old Buddha prepped young Buddha for what was in store for him. 
You never know- it could have happened :)
Whatever the story is, we are soooo happy to have him.
It's like a hole has been filled in our family's heart.
It feels good to be complete again.
Maybe lightning can strike twice.

Buddha the Elder...