Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three's A Crowd and Someone's Got To Go.

I am a jumpy person.
I am scared any time, any place, by any thing.
It just doesn't take much.
So imagine how many times I have been frightened by these two:

Harry's been around since way back when after Hannah purchased him with her hard earned allowance.

Michaela brought us Tonto when Subway's Lone Ranger promotion ended.

They lurk inside and outside the door of Hannah's bedroom.

And though intellectually I know they are there, I am constantly spooked by their omnipresence.

I mean seriously, no one wants to flip on the lights late at night and see this:

(Except for maybe the Cope girls?)

 When you flip Tonto around, this guy joins the fun:


And as friendly and approachable as Harry Styles might look, 
he's a little freaky when you make eye contact as you are peeking into Hannah's room to see if she is awake....

See what I'm sayin' ?

And so, a plea goes out to my darling daughters,
who have shared some of my very same "unexpected" encounters...

...let's have a bonfire, what do you say?