Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Little Too Not Over You.

Once upon a time we were OBSESSED with David Archuleta.
(Some of us are not necessarily over it, but have put it on hold while he serves his mission...)
And really, we have stalked that boy more times than I should mention publicly.
I could do a week's worth of posts and pics on that but I will refrain for now.

However, we have been legitimate fans too, and have attended several of his concerts including this one back in the day...2009 I think?

And lest you think the middle-aged moms were the only crazy ones (wink, wink) take a look at these Archies complete with halos:

97.1 held a "biggest fan" or something contest. These girls had it nailed down.
Front row seats were on the line.

And yet they lost. 
 To some silly girls with a poster.  A poster!

But, we took it in stride and settled for our mediocre seats.

And though our seats were mediocre,  David was not!
Exceptional as usual.

And there you have it.

Throw back Thursday, Archuleta style.

 A Little Too Not Over You