Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's All About Cameron.

Today we celebrated Cameron's 26th birthday. 

It doesn't seem possible that he is 26, and yet he is.

He wanted Huli-Huli chicken for dinner,

and left the cake up to me. 
Last year I went overboard with that  
Chocolate Wasted creation...

...this year it was just cupcakes. 
Which worked out nicely because we had just received Randy's 
"cupcake of the month"
collection in the mail (his Christmas gift this year).

To which I added a dozen of my own.

Said cupcakes were devoured by everyone. 

I am always baffled by icing scraper off-ers...
who chooses cake over frosting?????

When you are a 26 year-old body builder, 
you want stuff like "Whey" for your birthday :)

What we should have got him was a Buddha :)

Twenty years ago at the very first
 Cameron birthday party that I attended, 
we got him clothes.
To which he promptly stated: 
"this my worst present ever!"
 I never made that mistake again :)

Happy Birthday Cameron Labit.
We Love You.