Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sweet Sixteen.

I have pondered all kinds of mushy things I could say about this sweet little boy that was sent to us sixteen years ago. 
All of which I have rejected knowing he would haaaate it.
And so I will just say that I love this kid. 
Especially when he talks in his Scottish accent.

We couldn't be more proud of who he is and who he is becoming. (Except that I am pretty sure I will be a little more proud when he finally gets his Eagle Project done...)

 So to our last baby born on the beautiful island  of Hawaii:
 `Hau'oli La Hanau` 
(Happy Birthday) !!!!!

Bethany, Elijah and Michaela
 ( you can see by the look in Bethany's eyes that she is 
moments away from practicing some "tough love" on her little brother).

This was a momentous occasion for the kid who rarely napped.
(Awwww Jordan.....)

The first of two hospital visits in his young life...
this was post-surgery for separating his two webbed fingers. 
He still wishes we had left them Spidermanesque.

A few months later, he developed cellulitis around one of his eyes 
and spent four days hooked up to an IV. 
He made quite an impression on the hospital staff if you know what I mean :)

And here's a nod to the current Elder Backus :)
Wonder if he still has that necklace????

Hmmm...cavities much?

And now he's gone from the kid who would actually pose sweetly for a picture, 

to this.

We will take what we can get.
 Love you Elijah :)