Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebration of Eagles.

Last night, we attended an event 
not really knowing what we were in for. 

We had received an email the week before
that invited all interested Scouts to join a choir 
that would perform on July 3rd. 
Knowing I had one boy who loves to sing in choirs, 
I signed him up. There were many hours of required rehearsal time but since it was just for one week we thought it was doable. 

Still, clueless, we attended the performance. 
What it turned out to be was something awesome.

They honored 4 men with the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award and 44 men with the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. 
Sounds boring, I know, but look what they threw in:

Tanner James, one of Michaela's classmates, and a contestant on last season's The Voice, opened and closed the show. 
He was seriously fantastic. 
(Why that didn't translate on the TV show, I don't know, but Wow!)

Will marched in with one of these banners 
and then couldn't help sneaking peeks around it...

Jason Deere

Another great surprise was 
The Nashville Tribute Band performance.
I love these guys and their music
and I came home and promptly dug out my CD's.
If you don't own Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet
you are missing out.

An octet from the Motab, performed You Raise Me Up
and God Bless America- beautiful.

My thyroid doctor was honored with an 
Outstanding Eagle Scout award. 

Larry M. Gibson, 
1st Counselor in the YM General Presidency, 
awarded the 4 Distinguished Eagle Scout Awards.

There were lots of group numbers...

...including the audience favorite, Ma, You Earned Your Eagle!

(Will is dead center)

Despite 13 hours of rehearsals, 
Will will be the first to tell you he loved it.

And I second that feeling.
God bless the Boy Scouts-

Happy Independence Day.