Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July, Documented On My Phone.

 Molly and Hannah hopped on Front Runner 
and trekked up to Fantasy Con...

 One of Molly's last wishes was to get a Kong Kone from Macey's.

 We went to the Bean Museum where our Wildabeast came face to face with another Wildabeast...

 My friend Lizbeth and I made a delicious 
Banana Cream Pie from scratch.
No instant pudding involved whatsoever.

 Hannah fell for another cardboard man.

 More Kong Kones...

 My little friends left me love notes glued to boxes. 
All of them ended in giving me hugs :)

 Michaela made a dinosaur landscape for her friend's birthday cake. We realized that it looks pretty "iffy" in pictures, 
but it was pretty amazing in real life.

And finally, last night, we officially moved the last of Judie's things from her newly sold home in Midvale, to a storage unit in Provo.
It's good to have her close again.

There you have it-July.
I'm gearing up for next week's Girls Camp.
Wish me luck.