Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Halloween Synopsis For Bethany.

Halloween really began on Tuesday...
at the ward Halloween Carnival.
It's safe to say that I would be done attending that activity
if it weren't for these cuties.

It's kind of fun to borrow little ones
when your own are just too darn old!

Speaking of old, when did my hands turn in to those?

So here's the costume run down this year:

Only Hannah's older sister in China knew immediately 
that she was Harry Styles...

And speaking of the sister in China....
she also celebrated.

For school, Will resurrected Elijah's 7th grade costume...
a leaf blower.

For actual trick-or-treating, he transformed into a super hero.

For work, Michaela rocked the Katniss Everdeen look...

For a Halloween party, she was someone else...
can't remember who.
This was pre-Zombie makeup...

This year we had just one child trick or treat,
 and therefore one candy haul.
I could live with that.
Especially when that candy was divided amongst 
all of us non-trick or treaters...
I also rotated the candy from last Halloween in our 72 hour kits with fresh stuff from this year.
I'm such a fun mom.

And unlike old Buddha,
 who managed to sneak and devour tootsie pops,
this Buddha was completely uninterested in Halloween candy.
Wish the same could be said for me. :)

On to Thanksgiving.