Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life Happens...

...sometimes at the speed of light and sometimes sooo slowly.
At what ever rate it happened, here is a documentation of
some events in our lives in the past week or so...

 At the urging of my sister (she has a way),
 a very tired me attended a Nashville Tribute Band event 
at Deseret Book...what can I say?
I am a such a sucker for good music. 
Their new CD Redeemer is good music.

 Among the thousands of home videos I have watched lately,
 I found this gem:
Alicia and Matt's wedding reception video in which I am just 
2 months pregnant with Michaela 
and yet I can't zip up my bridesmaid dress.
Thus I wore a cardigan and only took it off for pictures. 

 Hannah and I went to a  Primary Program that was all in Spanish.
It still felt the same.
I taught every one of those songs once upon a time in Primary.
Except in English :)

Bethany discovered that China has Oreos,

and that she likes sticking her face in random cardboard cut outs.

And finally, Will conducted a Court of Honor 
in which he earned the rank of Star.
He is determined to get his Eagle when he is 14.
One can dream....
And there it is. 
The happenings.
Can you believe we are half way through November????