Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween or Something Like It.

Halloween was almost a non-event this year.
At the last minute, I headed out of town to help 
a friend who was in need. 
I was gone for 10 days and returned the day before Halloween.
The same pumpkins I bought before I left sat uncarved,
 and none of the pre-Halloween traditions had been done.
I felt pretty pathetic.
And really, when you only have one costumer at home, 
the hoopla is kind of half-hearted anyway, right?
Sadly, the answer is yes.
However, Will headed out to school in a 
pretty cool costume contrived by he and his dad (high-five Michael). 

 Hat and Russian face courtesy of Michaela.
Red eyes courtesy of my camera and my extreme laziness that prevented me from fixing them.  

Later that evening the Russian face was still going strong. 
He was joined by a nerd and serial killer 
and headed out to conquer two neighborhoods.
 KGB agent
 Smartie pants (get it?)

 and Freddy Kreuger.

Yep- some real creativity going on there. 

And just because, Michael and I decided to celebrate Halloween by going to the movies. Super duper pathetic but hey!

I was so out of it, I didn't even confiscate candy.
Nor did I make disgusted noises over the 
amount of candy hauled in. 
As a matter of fact, Will, being wise to my past methods,
took it straight to his room and hid it in multiple places.
And I didn't even care. I'm blaming jet lag. :)

So Halloween has come and gone and per tradition (that I began last year), 
the Christmas music is playing loud and strong.
I find no shame in that.
The way time is flying Christmas will be here and gone 
before you know it. 
I intend to squeeze out every bit of joy I possibly can 
between now and then. 

So Merry Christmas and no, I haven't forgotten you Thanksgiving.