Monday, November 16, 2015

Of Cleaving.

I fasted yesterday.
It has become my new "go-to."
Though I have been fasting once a month since I was 8 years old,
I have never truly tapped into the power of fasting more than monthly.
It has become another lifeline for me.
Sometimes I am embarrassed that I need so many lifelines.
And by lifelines I mean that I am dependent upon them for my survival.
-the temple,
-the Book of Mormon,
-lot's of gut-wrenching prayer.
But my spirit craves more. And the more I feed the craving, the more I need.
It's a beautiful relationship.
I am also keenly aware that it goes both ways.
The less I give, the less I desire and so it's a cautionary tale. :)

But back to yesterday.
I found two beautiful scriptures.
A simple answer to my hard questions.
I loved the moment in which I found them, and I love the continual strength they bring me.

" Yea, cleave unto me with all of your heart...."
D&C 11:19

"...cleave unto God as He cleaveth unto you."
Jacob 6:5

I can do that.