Friday, January 6, 2017

Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out...

Well hello there January--I've been expecting you.
And not in a good way-- but nevertheless you're here and 
I've done a little prep work to gear up for your awesomeness.

*I took a cue from the animal kingdom and added a little extra padding to keep me warm in the bitter month ahead.
Thank you Christmas treats. All. December. Long.

 *All signs of Christmas disappeared from my house on December 26th. Not sure how that works in my favor but somehow it seems that ripping the band-aid off, so to speak, adds the necessary grit to my determination to muscle through the worst month of the year.

 *New playlists have been added to my Spotify library. Playlists that include obscure Billy Joel and much less obscure One Direction. As a matter of fact, I tried to add my new January anthem, We Are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting Back Together, by the one and only Taylor Swift, but alas, no Spotify for her. 
But that truth still stands my dear January. Never.

 *And finally, I have planned a nice mid-January trip to a place where the temps rarely dip into the negatives and sunshine abounds in the form of four little girls, who aren't so little anymore-
If that doesn't make January a little bit more bearable, what will? 

February--I've got my eye on you. 
Let's do this.