Sunday, January 1, 2017

Grace Before Sleep.

I took my dog on a walk tonight.
We took the loooong way because Christmas has not been kind to my waistline.
As we passed home after home in my neighborhood, 
I thought of the stories of the families inside.
Too many of those stories this year have been of tragedy and heartbreak.
Stories of suicide, overdose, betrayal, divorce, loss of a parent, and more families than just mine with children who have stopped coming to church. 
My thoughts turned to sacrament meeting today, and to the wonderful talks we heard on the grace of Jesus Christ. 
I thought of how I have learned more about grace this year than all the years of my life combined. 
And I felt comforted.
I hoped that the families in those stories of sorrow and sadness know how much His grace can help them endure things that seem impossible to endure. 
And how it can help them find peace when peace seems hopelessly unattainable.
And that He doesn't want them to feel one more ounce of pain than they have to. 
His Grace can do that.
As I came to the end of my walk, I passed by my neighbor's home.
My neighbor who, out of the blue, wrote a beautiful card to my oldest son, sharing her testimony and her love for him. 
It was surprising to him and to me. 
And so appreciated by at least one of us :)
I want to be a neighbor like her this year.
I want to do more to share goodness amidst the sadness. 
Less pity parties, and more joy.
More reaching out and less turning inward.
More Jesus.
More recognition that I am not enough without Him.
A living testimony of His Grace.
I can do that this year. 
2017, I am ready for you.